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Riverwood Farm HOA

2023/2024 Riverwood Farm Board
Name Position
Ted Sillstrop President 
Lisa Yost Vice-President 
Kurt Hopper Treasurer 
Joe O'Connor Secretary 
Matt Cardone Past President 


Riverwood Farm HOA is managed by the following:

Adrenna Cain, Community Manager

HOA Community Management, LLC

400 Regent Park Court, Suite 100

Greenville, SC  29607

864-277-4507 ext207 office
864-277-3308 fax


Riverwood Farm is a gated community with 3 different types of homes.  There are the Townes, the Cottages and the Estates. 

Orizonti NukeNews

Current  Archive    
RWF Pool Opens May 10, 2008
Monday, April 21, 2008 (1099 reads)

Get out your bathing suits and sunscreen!  This year, the RWF Pool will open on Saturday, May 10 and close on Sunday, September 7.  The pool hours are daily 9am to 9pm with adults only from 7am to 9am Monday-Friday.  Please review the updated pool rules included in this newsletter with your family members and any guests you will be bringing.  These rules were established for the enjoyment and safety of all members of RWF.  The pool rules and pool party rules can be found under the Clubhouse link off of the home page of our website.  The pool is a great place to connect with familiar faces and welcome new neighbors.  Access to the pool is via an HOA key. The first key is free. There is a $10 charge for each replacement key.  Pool keys may be obtained at the pool on Saturday, May 10, from 12-3pm, or by contacting Rick Frans at 469-6284.  See you at the pool soon!

RWF Skateboarders
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 (1134 reads)

“There have been numerous instances where kids were seen skateboarding in an unsafe manner. We request all parents to have a conversation with their children about being safe while skateboarding“.