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Riverwood Farm HOA

2023/2024 Riverwood Farm Board
Name Position
Ted Sillstrop President 
Lisa Yost Vice-President 
Kurt Hopper Treasurer 
Joe O'Connor Secretary 
Matt Cardone Past President 


Riverwood Farm HOA is managed by the following:

Adrenna Cain, Community Manager

HOA Community Management, LLC

400 Regent Park Court, Suite 100

Greenville, SC  29607

864-277-4507 ext207 office
864-277-3308 fax


Riverwood Farm is a gated community with 3 different types of homes.  There are the Townes, the Cottages and the Estates. 

Orizonti NukeNews

Current  Archive    
Community Landscaping Forum Open
Wednesday, June 25, 2008 (1683 reads)

We've created a forum/discussion group under the "Forums" section of the website to discuss new ideas for the landscaping around our community.  Please check it out and feel free to post your ideas.


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News from the Landscape sub-committee to all homeowners
Monday, June 16, 2008 (2939 reads)

Back in April 2008 we met with you to share our ideas for the Landscape Sub Committee.  We expressed our desire to develop a vision of what the community wants for the common areas and to encourage more involvement of the community in taking control of our landscaping issues.

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From the Pool Committee
Monday, June 16, 2008 (1184 reads)

The pool looks great, and we have more swimmers than ever!  However, we are observing that people are bringing glass bottles into the pool area.  Not only does this practice endanger those who wish to swim, but if glass were to break inside the pool fence, DHEC would require Riverwood Farm HOA to close, drain, and refill the pool.  This is a long and costly process, which would deprive all RWF residents from the enjoyment of the pool and would result in a substantial (approximately $3,000) expense to the homeowner who is responsible for the closure.  Therefore, we encourage our RWF friends to leave your glass containers at home, use plastic bottles instead, soak up the rays and have an enjoyable summer with your neighbors at the pool.  As you leave the pool, please dispose of those plastic bottles in the garbage containers which are located under the porch.
Also, if you are having a gathering of 15 people or more, just let us know.  There is no charge to have a party at the pool, but we will schedule only one party per day.  We will forward your request to the pool manager in order to ensure that the pool will be clean and calm for both RWF residents and guest during these hot days of summer.
RWF homeowners are great!  Your support for the above matters will help us to provide a clean and safe pool for the whole community.