News from the Landscape sub-committee to all homeowners
Dear Board,
Back in April 2008 we met with you to share our ideas for the Landscape Sub Committee.  We expressed our desire to develop a vision of what the community wants for the common areas and to encourage more involvement of the community in taking control of our landscaping issues.
Two key elements of these ideas were to have community "town hall meetings" to gather feedback from the community and to start a "Hands-On Riverwood Farms" program.  The Landscape Sub-committee has met again and we have dates that we want to put in front of the Board for your consideration:
June 30th: townhall for the Cottages, 7-8 pm
July 7th: townhall for the Townes, 7-8 pm
August 4th: townhall for the Estates, 7-8 pm
August 11th: make up date for the above or meeting for Landscape committee, 7-8 pm
September 27th: "Hands-on Riverwood Farms", 8 am - Noon
** All townhalls and the "Hands-On" events would take place/start at the Clubhouse.
We would like to make public these dates ASAP.  The newsletters and the website are primary communication tools along with placing a sign on the pool bulletin board and a door-to-door campaign in the Cottages and the Townes to kick things off.  To meet the deadline for the newsletter, we need to move quickly.  We are able to come to the Board meeting next week (or before) to discuss further.
These town hall meetings will not be complaint sessions.  The purpose of these meetings is to find out what key landscape issues are most important to the community.  We also want to share with the community our reasons why we feel that an overall community landscape plan is so important:  to lower general maintenance costs, to enhance common areas (functionally and aesthetically), to correct problems created during construction, and to make improvements to common areas so as to make them more accessible to pedestrians.

Posted on Monday, June 16, 2008 (Archive on Sunday, September 28, 2008)
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